Tour de Backlogged Fleece

I’ve never done a Tour de Fleece before.

And I can’t claim to have done any preparation.

or serious training

that would make me think that I’m prepared for such an undertaking.

But here I go.


This is what’s left of Griffs Spring 2011 fleece. About 15 ounces.

I picked it last night, and my goal is to get it all spun up into dk/light worsted weight yarn by the end of the tour, July 22.

I think that this is a reasonable goal for a first-timer.


Clem is all psyched up about it. He’s pretty hard core, and loves a challenge.

But we’re only about 3 ounces in so far.


Griff fleece is a little bit of a challenge to drum card, because it’s kind of long.

Not crazy long- but maybe 5-6 inches?

A little bit beyond the drum carding sweet spot.

But I think we’ll make it.

Because I have New Boots.


And New Boots make you feel like you can do anything!

(they are XtraTuf!)



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