So Close, and Yet-

So deluded.

I almost made my spinning goal for this week.
Was feeling pretty good about it, too.
So good, in fact, that I was going to cast on and swatch for the Classic Oak Cardigan while we were out to coffee.
I even took a picture of the yarn, waiting patiently by our coffees.


Then I went and consulted the pattern.
And a couldn’t believe what I saw.

2200 meters.

That’s what it’s gonna take to make a 46″ Classic Oak Cardigan.

And you’re thinking- yeah, than sounds about right. Light worsted-weight, size 7 needles. Whats the big deal?

The deal is, somehow my mind has been locked in on 1500 yards.
I’ve been thinking that I’m so close to being all spun up for this one.

But I’m only 2/3 there.



For reference, 2200 meters=

2405 yards 10.9 furlongs 437 rods .455 leagues 1203 fathoms 4811 cubits 1292 smoots 1038 kens or (my personal favorite) 22000000000000 angstroms.

But any way you say it, its a lot of yarn.

On a more positive note- here is my Sadie Sunshine girl


relaxing amongst the buttercups. Doesn’t she look fabulous?
The sweet pup has lost almost 30 pounds since last April.

I think she likes being a farm girl.


  1. Keith

    The picture of Sadie is amazing. It should be entered into a contest. BTW, if we had gotten a female Boston one of the names we were considering was Sadie (“Sadie, Sadie married lady” from Funny Girl).

    I’m sure you’ll bang out another 1,000 yards in no time. At least you have an abundance of fleece 😉 Are you spinning worsted, semi-worsted or woolen (it’s hard to tell from the photo)? I’ve just started to learn woolen; which I like but definitely need a lot more practice.

    • sheepsclothing

      that’s true. at least I have enough fleece left to complete the job. it’s actually not the spinning that takes so long for this project- its the carding and blending of the three fleeces! I’m spinning what I would call semi-woollen. Drum carded and spun long-draw-ish.


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