Awash in Fleecy Goodness

Yeah, it’s that time again.
It’s still cold-ish and rainy, but this time of year the boys start thinking of taking off their winter coats and frolicking around in sporty short haircuts.

Now these are the two boys who really need to be tidied up


But it’s always Edgar who is first to volunteer


He was pretty cooperative for a while, but then he got kind of antsy and wanted to go off and scratch an itch or two, so we didn’t get his back end done



His fleece is a little different in color this year- more of a cool, taupe-y shade


Its been a good six months for my buddy Edgar. Fleece is about 3-4 inches long, which should be really good for drum carding.

In other fleecy news, I helped out at the Schoonover Farms spring shearing last Monday- and was rewarded with a lovely shades-of-gray fleece from a Shetland girl named Jennie.

I’m thinking I will sort it into light and dark, spin, and then ply them back together for a ragg-wool type of mottled effect. I’ve done a little sampling already-


Mmmmmmm. Soft. This one is for me.


  1. Farmlady

    Beautiful yarn… that last one. It must be so satisfying to take fleece from the sheep all the way through to the knitting of it.
    Love Edgar’s designer fleece….


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