You must be Yoke-ing

Indeed I am!


Got all the pieces together and I’m finally yoke-ing.

Feels good to be in the final stretch.

I guess I always get a little anxious as the end of a project approaches.

Perhaps I just lose focus after working on one thing for a while and start looking for diversion.

Or maybe I worry about if it’s going to turn out just right.

But I’m close. Really close.

Chone says “lookin’ good so far, Maaaaa!”



  1. Jody

    Lovely sweater Denise.
    I could sure use a warm sweater in these cold temps we are having.
    I am in the home stretch of my handspun Cormo Russian Lace scarf!
    I tend to mostly knit on one or at most two items at a time also 🙂

    • sheepsclothing

      mattress stitch is the way to go for side seams. really easy, too. there are lots of tutorials online. Good luck!


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