Frosted Mini Sheeps

(they’re not so “mini” anymore, but I couldn’t resist)

Yep, it’s that time of year again.
Sheeps’ water freezing overnight and all.

But the boys don’t seem to be feeling the chill.


They were out and about this morning in the crisp sunshine, nice and toasty underneath their frosty fleeces.


I just love Felix’s freckles.


Does anyone else think that Edgar kind of looks like he’s going for a Bret Boone surfer-guy thing with the sun-bleached tips?


Just sayin’.

Shadow is coming along nicely


So far so good. Hoping to have the knitting done by next post!

And I’ve got about 350 yards of Chone/Spike yarn worked up, so I can get a start on the next sweater project without delay-


Feels good to have a plan 🙂


  1. Farmlady

    Nice work on the Shadow… love the knit pattern. The Chone/Spike yarn is beautiful. What a lovely dark charcoal color this is.

    Those sheep faces are so wonderful! I could look at them forever.

    • sheepsclothing

      Ah, yes. The sewing. I’m facing that for the the first time right now. Until this sweater I was always able to avoid that part. Usually I’m all about doing things seamlessly in the round.

  2. Michelle

    Shadow is coming along FABULOUSLY!

    You are such a productive spinner. Now that my “summer of hot flashes” is over, knitting a sweater actually appeals to me — if I can ever spin that much yarn!


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