Rockin’ in the Pasture


Yeah, this week we had a bunch more rock delivered.


I think it’s pea gravel.

So, today we had the tractor out and were truckin’ gravel around to the edges of the pasture where my sweet sheeps tend to wear down paths and expose the bottom edge of the fence. Gotta keep that fenceline tight!

Re-rocked right around the boys’ shed and playground (rockpile), too. Hopefully that will prevent it from getting muddy once the rains start.


Also picked the last of the apples off our big King apple tree today-


It wasn’t a great year for apples here, but we managed to pull in about 7 boxes-
Any that hit the ground got pitched into the pasture, to see if the boys would give them a try.

They are a little slow to try new things, but it appears there has been some nibbling…


We were scheduled to give the guys a pedicure this weekend, but I couldn’t manage to get any more than three of them in the shed at one time, so we eventually gave up and decided to reschedule.

Frank was being a big scared-y sheep. He had everybody all worked up and suspicious.
This is about as close as I got to the crazy bugger all day long


I’m so excited about my quinces! They’re not quite ready yet, but maybe in a couple of weeks-


Did you know grow straight out of the ends of the tree branches?


Neat, eh?

Sweater progress continues apace,


And I even managed to get some spinning done this week!


That’s Frank/Felix on the left, and Spike to the right.

Whew, I’m beat.


  1. Christine

    Don’t you love it when they get a burr up their behinds and act like freaked out weirdos? lol

    Seriously, you’re killing me with that sweater. I can’t wait to see it finished.

    • sheepsclothing

      Yeah, it’s so funny, because usually the guys are pretty easy to corral up, as long as I’ve got the right treats on hand! I’m anxious for the sweater to be all knit too- probably because I’m a little nervous about the pieces matching up and fitting together.

  2. schoonoverfarm

    You have been busy. Are you going to press those Kings? Sorry about your behavioral problems. My sheep tend to know when I am up to something. We are shearing the 20th, if you have any interest.

    • sheepsclothing

      No, I’ll just be drying and saucing, but only need so many for that- would be happy to give you some if you still have some pressing to do. And I would totally be up for shearing on the 20th. Sounds like just the excuse I need to take some time of work this week 🙂

  3. Tina T-P

    What will you do with the quinces? I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one – let alone know what do do with them.

    I think the sheep know when there is something “afoot” (so to speak) Ours will do the same thing – be all feral like…

    The Shepherd wore his beautiful new vest to church last Sunday, but I forgot to take a picture of him in it. He got lots of compliments! T.

    • sheepsclothing

      Not sure yet. I just want to see if I can even get them to ripen fully. I think there are some good recipes online. So glad The Shepherd’s new vest is working out!


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