The Shape of Knits to Come

So, it occurred to me that I really haven’t posted anything about knitting projects in a while.

And that’s because I really haven’t been doing much knitting lately. Been pretty focused on the sheepers and the fleeces.

So, I decided I needed to knit another Oregon Vest.


I already have one Oregon vest, and it is one of my favorite handknits. I wear it all the time.
I’ve been meaning to knit another one for a while. So, I’m finally getting around to it.

This one will be primarily Huey. I’d like for it to be entirely Huey,, but I’m not sure I have enough left. So I’ll find something else complementary in the stash to finish it off if need be.

So, there’s that in the works.

And then I just looked in on Brooklyn Tweed yesterday, and found the sweater that I’ve been meaning to design for myself!
Brownstone is all I’ve been wanting in a pullover- shawl collar, raglan shoulder, in-the-round construction.
Hurray for Jared!
I’m lovin’ the idea of a Griff Brownstone. Destined to become a wardrobe staple.

Don’t have any Griff samples spun up yet, but he’s about half washed, so he’ll be on the bobbin soon! And it’s dreamy stuff.

Here are first skeins of Felix/Franklin and Edgar, both approximately sport weight-


I’m also kind of itchin’ to make some more of those cute Estonian Sheep Puppets that appeared in Spin-Off a couple of years ago.

Sheep Mug Shot

Perhaps one like each of the boys?


  1. Jody

    Oh your handspun homegrown yarn is wonderful! I luv that Oregan Vest….I am a real vest wearer myself. You are so ambitious with your handspun sweaters and vests Denise.
    I luv the glow from Huey’s yarn.
    I can’t wait to get to my Finn ewe’s fleece. It’s still sitting in my garage!

    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks Jody- I love the Huey glow too. Guess you’ve been too busy with lambs to get around to sampling fleeces yet, eh?

    • sheepsclothing

      You really should. It’s been a few years since I made one, but I remember thinking that the pattern isn’t too hard. Kind of like a sock, but with some different shaping for the muzzle, and two mitten thumbs thrown in for legs!

  2. Donna Schoonover

    I think all your ideas are wonderful. I hope you have enough Huey to finish the vest. Of course there is a new Huey fleece here if you’d like! The Griff Brownstone is an excellent idea- I can’t wait to see it. And the puppet made with each sheep’s wool sounds great. I knitted, felted and stuffed a sheep for my grandmother made from wool that they had saved from when she was a child. Unfortunately she did not know what breed they were and it must have been a Down breed because it did not felt. But she still loves it!

    • sheepsclothing

      Why didn’t I think of that?— I could augment Old Huey with New Huey! Will have to check out your fiber page 🙂


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