New ‘Dos for Sheeps

So, finally here are some post-haircut photos of Edgar:



He seems so happy with his new ‘do, and he’s been super friendly since our bonding experience last weekend.

So, I thought I’d try Chone next.

He’s a friendly little guy, but has less of an attention span Edgar, so I had to take it in stages.
Here he is in the ballerina stage:


Silly, eh?


I finally got the rest off of him today, and now he is naked and lumpy like Edgar.

Also got a start on Felix. Just the neck and chest so far. But it looks like he’ll be a good cooperator.

I have to say, I’m really glad I decided to shear the guys myself.
Would have been a lot faster to have someone come out, and the fleeces would probably be a lot better (not in hunks and chunks), but I am really enjoying harvesting all this wonderful wool from the boys. It’s been a good experience so far-

Here are some samples of the goods they guys have donated:


That’s Felix on the left and Chone on the right.
Both about 5.5-6″. Chone’s fleece has quite a bit of veg in it,, but I was expecting that, and plan to comb it.

I’ve gotten most of Edgar’s fleece washed up already- here it is fresh off the drum carder-


And all swatched up-


Wally has suggested that I use the fleece knit him an “Edgar suit”, so he could go undercover.
But I think his ears would give him away.


Other suggestions?


    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks- I like it too. Griff is the same color, but his fleece is a different texture. More crimpy and springy where Edgar is more wavy and silky.

    • sheepsclothing

      It really is. Just washed and spun up that small bit last night, and it is amazingly soft silky. It’s going to be as lot of fun to work with!

  1. schoonoverfarm

    Edgar’s fleece is so pretty. Maybe I shouldn’t have sold him 😉 I love Chone’s new do! Edgar would make a nice sweater but is probably not big enough for a human one. Maybe if you combine it with Griff’s?

    • sheepsclothing

      Actually, I might have enough Edgar to make a people-sweater. Haven’t weighed it,, but he was carrying around a lot of wool for a little guy! I could easily combine it with Griff, though. They are pretty much identical in color.

    • sheepsclothing

      There’s an awful lot of Felix fleece. Maybe a casual roll-neck pullover with sporty Chone and Edgar/Griff stripes? That would be cool. Bet I’d still have enough left over for the hat and scarf! 🙂


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