Hangin’ with the Sheeps

More photos of my little Shetland guys now available at

Chone is the flock’s offical goodwill ambassador, always coming to greet us at the gate with a smile-
And just this morning, I finally got some quality time with Edgar. Was so nice to just sit with him and fondle his lovely moorit locks while he and Chone chewed their cud. His fleece has such a nice silky feel. Just love it!

So, now I’m 4 for 5 on the socialization-
Griff is my only holdout, and I think he’ll give in pretty soon, now that his brother has warmed up to me.

Will try to get some good pictures of the fleeces this week-

Denise 🙂


  1. Jody

    They are so adorable. Hard to believe you get all that cuteness and beautiful fine fleeces in several nice colours too.
    My 50%Shetland/Finn/Gotland cross ewe Gypsy is the smallest of our sheep but I can see she is still much larger then a pure shetland. They really are very tiny sheep.


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