Weekend in Review

It was a beautiful weekend- complete with sunshine, fencing, and visiting my little woolly mariners!
I was glad to get the chance to go back and get some more photos of the guys-

little edgar

little chone

Edgar and Griff:
edgar and griff

Also, I’m pleased to announce completion of The Gradient Sweater:
IMG_2291 (Medium)

and from the back:
IMG_2289 (Medium)

and on me:

That’s the only half-way decent photo we could get of it on me.
Guess I’m photogenically challenged today,,, and though I’m really pleased with how the sweater fits,, I’m kind of concerned about the color change right at the bustline.
Not especially flattering.
Any creative suggestions (that don’t involve reknitting half the garment)?


  1. Michelle

    I really like the way you did the neckline — I think you should wear it in the Spinner’s Lead at Black Sheep. (I’m sure many of us could loan you a sheep to lead 🙂 I wouldn’t worry too much about the color change at the bust. Yeah, it would bother me, too, but I see a lot of fashion tops that have a seam right there, too. Wear and be proud! (Does it change things if you really stand up straight and show off the girls? How about a push-up bra? Or not wearing one? Either of those should change the, uh, protrusions in relation to the color change.) I’d better quit; I’m giving myself the giggles!

    • sheepsclothing

      Thanks for the suggestions- a different bra might make a difference. Also thinking about trying to create some sort of distraction from the bustline- perhaps a little duplicate stitch pattern nearer the neckline or something. Gotta think out of the box here. I spent too long on this sweater for it to turn into a lemon!

  2. Nancy

    The photos of you with the lambs are wonderful!
    And I love your sweater. It looks so professional. I can’t imagine being able to knit that well.

  3. Jody

    Denise I was thinking duplicate stitch also. It fits you beautifully I think. Boy it will be super warm in the winter (until you get older and get hot flashes haha)
    Your little rammys are so cute….I bet you cannot wait to get them home : ))))


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