Yes. Sheep. Soon.

Today The Man and I went up to Marietta Shetlands in Bellingham, to see all their little lambs- and two little guys in particular.

These two cuties are going to be my first sheeps!

Meet Franklin


And Franklin’s little spotty butt

Franklin's Butt

(look at those curls!)

and Felix


Franklin and Felix are twins. Here’s Franklin with their mama, Violet

Violet and Franklin

And here are some of the other little Shetland babies, Wicket and Chrissy


And Ruby


John said that the little boys will be ready to leave their momma in early June.
I’m so excited.

I’m finally going to have sheep!


  1. Michelle

    Looks like you don’t need a white sheep after all — you have two picked out already! Congratulations! Do you still want a fleece sample from Dinah when I FINALLY get around to skirting it?

  2. Michelle

    Well, I am closely watching both Bodhran (jet black; mother has no iset to speak of at age 8) and Blake (hopefully moorit, but could be slower-greying musket) as polled ram prospects. One or the other (or possibly both) may be available as wethers, depending on how they turn out.


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