A New Strategy

It’s been a tough week for knitting and spinning.

I’ve got keyboard fatigue, and the fingers have been rebelling.

And I’ve also had a little bit of a setback on the Shepherd’s Vest. Had to rip back to the armpits on the front.

The yarn has changed enough in grist to make the fabric considerably thinner,, so I’ve had to rethink my completion strategy.

I’m going to go down an needle size, choose the thickest of the remaining yarn, and take another shot at completing it this week.

I’ll just have to feel out the gauge as I go.

This weeks stashbusting:


It’s a double coated shetland, softly spun and then navajo plied. I just love the variety of colors and textures in it.

To me it looks kind of nutty, or spicy.  It has real character.


  1. Tina T-P

    The vest looks lovely, but Oh, dear – sorry to have caused you so much trouble 🙁 Glad that there ia a LOT of yarn for you to choose from – and I thought it was all so even …

    I got the Amos book for my birthday last year -just have delved into it a little lately.

    Love that Oatmeal colored Romney – it is going to be lovely!

    Hope we’ll see you on Saturday. T.

  2. Denise

    No worries- I’m getting close to done with the vest. Just bound the shoulders together last night, and I’m now on to the neck trim. I will make sure to be there at least for a short time Saturday- there’s probably a lot of planning yet to do for the spin-in!


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