The Shepherd’s Vest is underway!

Some time ago, Tina inquired about having me knit a vest for her husband, The Shepherd.

She spent a good part of the last year spinning the yarn of wool from two of their shetlands- and I just got the goods yesterday.

So today, I am making a start.

Shepherds Vest swatch

She sent along a sweater vest that fits him well, that I can use for sizing, and a pattern to work from for the general style.

It’s swatching out at just under 4 stitches per inch on size 7s. And away we go!

Shepherds vest swatch3

In other news, Fleece De-stashing is underway.
This weeks 3 oz-

This weeks 3 oz

And I wanted to mention that the WSU Country living Expo is coming up at the end of he month.
Over 135 classes to choose from this year, and a great lunch to boot! Check out the offerings at

(I’ll be doing classes on Selecting Fleeces for Spinning, Wool Processing, and KoolAid dyeing.)

Have a great week!


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