Just the Beginning

So, Thanksgiving has passed, and we are enjoying the leftovers from the traditional spread.

It’s always about this time that I start to feel a little bit overwhelmed by the thought of Christmas being less than a month away.

There are cards to prepare, cookies to bake, presents to plan.

I don’t know how much baking I’m going to get done this go-round, but I am bound and determined to get the man’s sweater done. (Syd is providing moral support)

IMG_1788 (Medium)

I ordered the zipper last week, and am slowly but surely working my way down the sleeves. I’m not quite as far as I hoped to get over the long weekend, but there have been many distractions,

and it’s hard to get much knitting done while Boo Kitty is intent on inspecting and snuggling the project.

IMG_1789 (Medium)

One thing is certain. Whenever The Man wears this sweater, he will be a cat magnet.
I just can’t keep her away from it!

And I finally washed up some of the new fleece from the sale a couple of weekends ago.

IMG_1795 (Medium) edited

It’s washing up really nice- very silky, and finer than it seemed initially. Much different than some of my previous Romney experience. Should be a fun spin!


  1. Michelle

    We got our tree today. Not that I felt like doing it; after all, if the tree is up that means I HAVE to get the Christmas letter written and cards addressed and stuffed, baking done, and final gift shopping and wrapping done! But if it wasn’t today it would be two weeks from today, and a certain little boy couldn’t wait THAT long.

    I think Boo makes the perfect accessory for both that sweater and the wool. 🙂


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