Beautiful Bobbins!

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday.

(Suppose I kind of gave it away with the post title, eh?)

Yep. I got Sophie’s new bobbins from Ron Antoine!

IMG_1773 (Medium)
(that’s the old one in the middle)

We are both so very pleased.

Here she is all reassembled with the small Kromski whorl and new bobbin.

Sophie with new bobbin

She’s so much smoother and quieter now.
And also faster- I’ve got her on the 13:1 whorl, and things are going just spinningly.

In other news, I finally cooked up one of our Cinderella pumpkins from the garden-

Pureed Pumpkin

and turned it into pie!

From Scratch Pumpkin Pie cropped

and sampled shortly thereafter.

This was a trial run on the “from-scratch” pie for Thanksgiving. (I’ve always used canned pumpkin before). And a mighty successful one at that!

I’ve also finally gotten back on track with The Man’s sweater. Sleeve #1 is about half done, and I think that I’ve finally got it right.

Shimon's Sleeve

The knitting goal for this week is to finish both sleeves and develop a plan for the finishing….

Have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Donna

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your bobbins look great! My grandfather made bobbins for me for my great great grandmother’s spinning wheel. They brought it back from very northern Sweden when the farm was sold out of the family and later gave the wheel to me. He did a great job as well. Your pie looks great (my issue has been too much moisture when I use my own pumpkins but I learned to bake the pumpkin without water and strain it first). I am especially happy that you are back on track with the sweater- it is looking great!

    • Denise

      That’s really neat that you have an old wheel from your GGG! Is it working? What a great piece of family history to have.

      I was a little worried that my pumpkin had a little more poisture than the canned stuff, but it all seemed to work out alright. I suppose I could strain it in cheesecloth to get it a little denser. And I was kinda surprised at the taste difference. It’s a lot sweeter than canned. Makes a mighty tasty pie!

  2. Michelle

    Beautiful bobbins, indeed! Nice pie and sweater, too. 🙂 I have fallen under the spell of spindles, and am going out to pick up black walnut hulls tomorrow in order to trade them for a lace-weight one a guy on the Spinning list makes. Sigh.

    • sheepsclothing

      I don’t think I could go back to spindle spinning now that I’ve learned on a wheel– though the portability can’t be beat! So, does the spindle guy dye with the walnut hulls?

    • Denise

      They are pretty good size. Not quite as long as the Kromski, but I bet they hold about 3 oz of fiber. I’ve always wondered about why the Majacraft bobbins were plastic. The wheels themselves are beautiful, but then you have these weird looking plastic bobbins that kind of detract. Oh well.

  3. Donna

    My GGG wheel works fine but it is designed for flax plus I am scared to break it. You can see where it is worn and touched by her. Quite special.

    Glad your pie turned out well.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Michelle

    Yes, the spindle-maker is into natural dyes, and black walnut hulls are used for that. The lure of the spindle for me is that I can spin for a few minutes here and there without feeling guilty….


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