Knitting and Unknitting

The Man’s sweater looks much like it did last week.

This is not because I have not been knitting.

It is just that I’m having conceptual difficulties with the sleeve.

I have knit (and ripped) the right shoulder of this sweater 3 times now.

And I’m starting to wonder if part of the problem is the depth of the armhole.

Or perhaps I did not design-in enough ease through the chest.

I’m going to have to sleep on it before I make another attempt.


In other news, I took a field trip to Pullman, WA this weekend to visit WSU Animal Science facilities- Swine, Cattle, Sheep ,etc etc…

Photos at


  1. Michelle

    I’ve been doing the same thing with WIP hat, and I didn’t even design the pattern. But I WAS having trouble conceptualizing the pattern, but finally figured it out and cast on ONE FINAL TIME last night….

  2. BattyPatty

    Wow that sweater is gorgeous! and unless I read back I never would have known that you had any problems with the design. It fits so nicely. I absolutely love the sheen shwon off by your great stitch selection. Very inspiring.


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