Goldi-locks, Custom Socks, etc.

First, the goldie- locks

IMG_1334 (Medium)

I really should have taken pictures of the actual locks before I teased them apart. They were gorgeous! I got this beautiful mohair at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art show when I was back in IL last month. Here it is spun and knit up (because I do so love to swatch!)

IMG_1317 (Medium)

Guess I didn’t even realize that there were blondie goats!

And I did finally finish The Man’s socks.  These socks are outfitted with custom right and left foot shaping, to make the toes fit just right.

IMG_1325 (Medium)

and a Denisee-standard heel,


as well as plenty of 1×1 ribbing, to make them nice and stretchy and form-fitting.

IMG_1331 (Medium)

On other fronts, spinning continues apace for the next sweater project.

And my new quality control inspector insists on being present for all steps in the process, so it might take me a little longer than usual, but I’m sure the results will be truly feline divine. 🙂

Spinning with the Kitty


  1. Nancy K

    Those locks and the resulting swatch are beautiful! What gorgeous color! Do you hand tease your locks or have they been put through a picker? They look so uniform.

    I’m getting serious about trying to knit my first pair of socks. I can’t imagine that I’ll EVER make any that look as professional as yours…

    Love the cat on the lap while spinning photo!


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