Bait and Swatch?

I’ve been pretty wrapped up in working with the fleece from BSG, but I did want to finally share the rest of what came home with us-


Kid Mohair.
Just enough to try out- maybe 7 oz.
It was just so silky and lustrous that I couldn’t resist.

A couple of people had mentioned to me that I just HAD to try it. That it was heaven to spin. That I didn’t know what I was missing.

Ok. Turns out that they were right!
It also turns out that black mohair is really hard to photograph.
Here are a couple of my attempts:

This is the one to try and show how fine and light it is-

IMG_1078 (Medium)

And here is a swatch (of course), to show you the amazing luster (too bad you can’t feel how silky it is!)

IMG_1070 (Medium)

Very Nice stuff.

That was it for the fiber. Really. (Aren’t you amazed at my self-restraint?)

But we did bring home a bit of sheepy decor:

IMG_1051 (Medium)

Isn’t that fun? Did you notice the little shetland tail on the odd-sheep-out?

IMG_1054 (Medium)

Just couldn’t resist.

In other news, the stranded colorwork swatch I was working on at BSG is fast on it’s way to becoming a hat.

IMG_1099 (Medium)

And Boo Kitty came over for a “meet and greet” with the pups this weekend-

IMG_1088 (Medium)

The event was a little stressful for both parties,, but I think that with time (and close supervision) it will work out.
Hope so, anyway. She’s such a sweetie.


  1. Michelle

    Love the mohair, and am quite jealous that YOU were the one that bought that wonderful metal art! I drooled, but couldn’t bring myself to write the check….

  2. Lois

    Marybeth’s husband George made that lovely sheep tableau….I am so glad that you got it Denise. Like Michelle, I was lusting after it too!

    PS: Looks like your BSG purchases (especially the fiber) will give you pleasure for a long time to come.


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