Stalking the Elusive Drum Carder

I’d been dreaming of, and scoping out, drum carders for a while now.

The thing is, they are a little spendy.

I would get all excited about one, and then talk myself out of it, saying “Oh Denise, you don’t really NEED a drum carder. You have perfectly nice hand carders. Yes, it is slow going- turning washed fleece into perfect little rolags. But isn’t it relaxing? And surely it’s good for the arm muscles”

But in the next breath I said to myself “There have to be old, serviceable drum carders hiding away in people’s attics. I just have to wait for these people to clean out their attics and unload their drum carders on the web.”

So I kept a close eye on Craigslist.

and further.
Much further.

And after a time, I thought that maybe the universe was telling me that I wasn’t supposed to have one.

And I was OK with that.




Then, out of nowhere, comes Clem.


Isn’t he handsome?

Here he is from the other side:


He still needs a drive belt. But I’ve got that ordered from Clemes and Clemes already.

For right now, he’s making do with a double thickness of jute twine.

And here is my first batt. East Friesian wool from Quiet Water Farm. Fluffy and beautiful.

My First Batt


    • sheepsclothing

      I love the oak, too. He’s just as simple, old fashioned, rugged guy. And he’s doing a great job! I am totally hooked.

  1. Mary

    I’m delighted that you found a drum carder! Perhaps we could barter a little fleece for some carder time? I have 5 raw fleeces in my garage. Can we talk?

  2. Michelle

    I got a great deal on one of those, too. Have used it very little so far because my fiber fun has to take a seat at the back of the bus while I’m homeschooling, etc. But I will have more time for fiber someday, and my Clemes and Clemes will be no worse for the waiting!


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