Magic Mystery Wool

Saturday I acquired some bargain wool.

Now, you have to be really careful when you are presented with an opportunity to pick up bargain wool.

At $1/pound, sometimes you’re tempted to take home some things that you really shouldn’t. Some things that will just drive you insane as you attempt to wash and comb and card them into a spinnable form.

But every once in a while, you get lucky.

Now, I don’t know for certain what kind of wool this is,, but I have a guess.

Acme Mar09 BFL?

Anyone with fleece experience is encouraged to chime in here,, but I’m thinking that this is a BFL or BFLx.

BLF locks, washed

All said, its about 7 inches in length. But the tips are matted, and not worth trying to comb out,so I’m trimming them off and just using The Good Stuff.

BFL locks, trimmed

The Good Stuff is still about 3-4 inches long. Very workable.

And, I tell you what. (dramatic pause)

It is just heaven to spin.

Fine, and soft, and silky, and bouncy.

IMG_0658 (Medium)

Refined and luminous.

IMG_0661 (Medium)

IMG_0660 (Medium)

And I have a whole sheep’s worth.


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