Bits and Pieces

I’ve been a bit distracted of late. You’d think (or I’d think) that with all this stuck in the house time due to the snow and ice, I would have made tremendous progress on all my projects. Maybe even finishing one or two, right?

Well, we’re still in pieces-

The challenge sweater is now blue, and I’m experimenting with growing it in different directions in a beautiful golden brown courtesy of Ulla, from Little Country Acres.

IMG_0465 (Medium)

Not sure how I feel about that yet. So I’m letting it sit for now.

The experimental sweater is getting more voluptuous all the time:

IMG_0470 (Medium)

I still need a couple of inches in length on the back, and sleeves. Then I have to decide if it needs a border….

But I did get one thing done. I’ve repurposed a “bit” that’s been sitting in my office for quite a while:

IMG_0469 (Medium)

This guy was supposed to be part of a sleeve (the the seamless saddle shoulder disaster sweater) Turned out that he was too big, and I decided not to do the pattern on the sleeves in the end, so he and his twin brother sat in a basket for the last almost-two years.

Too big for a sleeve, and too small for a hat. He was in a bit of a bind.

And then it hit him. He could be a bag.

IMG_0460 (Medium)

I think he makes a really swell bag. Kinda punchy with the red accents, eh? Here’s how the top closes up:

IMG_0462 (Medium)

Denise out!

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  1. Tina T-P

    Wow! that bag is really cool! I have finished all my spinning for Christmas (still have some crocheting to do, but I can work on that days at noon etc. ) so I will be starting back on Anna D & REgina for John’s sweater. Funny, I found a sweater of almost identical colors in the new Land’s End catalog – they called it Tweed 🙂

    We’ll be in touch! & Halppy New Year! T.


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