Wool weather continues, Scarf grows arms

The experimental knitting is progressing nicely.

It now has a bit of a back,

IMG_0392 (Medium)

and the beginnings of two sleeves:

IMG_0391 (Medium)

At the back, I’m increasing on either side just before the stitches I cast on under the arms. My hope is to create a nice swingy feel to the coat. Hard to tell yet if it will work out the way I ‘m envisioning.

And I’m about out of the black/charcoal wool I’ve been using for the last few inches, so I’m going to have to find (or spin up) something compatible to finish it off.

The Border Leicester fleece that I brought home last month would be a nice match. Have some washed and picked,, but I’d hate to have to stall out on the knitting to spin up the remainder. I’ll have to consult the stash.

As an aside-The BL is really a treat. I’ve spun some in the grease, and some washed up and carded, and I like it both ways. It’s quite a bit finer and silkier than the last of that breed I worked with.

That’s it for now-

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