Experimental Knitting

Remember this scarf?

IMG_0182 (Medium)

It was a lovely scarf.

But I couldn’t help but think that it wanted to be something more.

IMG_0362 (Medium)

So here it is, becoming more. A raglan open-front sweater coat.

At least, that is the general plan. I really like the idea of having the cable panel as a collar.

Here’s the layout:

IMG_0370 (Medium)

A closer look at the shoulder and back increases:

IMG_0371 (Medium)

The only difference between this and a regular top-down raglan is that on the front shoulder raglan seam you only increase on the shoulder side. On the front side you decrease. Tricky, eh?

And the fronts are going to end up knit side-to-side, where the back is top-to-bottom. So it might be kind of interesting sewing the side seams. But I’ll figure that out when I get there.

In other news, I have successfully installed a zipper in the Oregon Vest. Still have a bit of other finishing to do, and then it will be ready for a photo shoot!

And fresh off the wheel-

IMG_0368 (Medium)

This is the white spot (and some surrounding intermediate coloration) off Mariah from Little Country Acres. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Denise out.

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