Almost too tired to blog

Very little woolwork to show for this week, though I did manage to finish sock #1 thanks to bus rides and lunch hours.

Purple-Tangerine sock #1

Sporty, eh? A nice thick, warm sock.

Just my standard sock formula- lots of ribbing, modified Dutch heel, wedge-type toe, kitchener stitched to close. Here’s a closer look at my preferred heel- so easy to work, and fits a narrow foot very nicely.

Denise's Favorite heel

Toe is little squarer than I’d usually make, but that’s because I kept on with the foot a little too long. Still a good fit.

Sock number two is newly cast on, and will be worked in the same yarns, with whatever striping scheme that occurs to me while I’m knitting it.

Still have to ply the rest of the purple haze

More Purple Haze

Which means I’d better keep this short. Gotta get to bed early tonight. It’s been a hard-workin’ weekend around the homestead.

Denise out.

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