Mid-Week Update

I stayed up on Sunday night and pushed through to get the collar done. Just couldn’t leave it so close to completion. Monday I wove in ends. Tuesday I grafted the underarms and put it in the bath to relax and unwind.

Urban Aran (All But Zipper)
Urban Aran (All But Zipper)

So now it’s resting and leisurely air-drying in my office.

Done on July 30. Not bad. Went back and checked the blog record to see when I actually started this project, and it wasn’t quite as long ago as I’d remembered. I started the knitting mid-May, so it’s only been 2 ½ months. Of course, I had a little less than half of the yarn spun before I started, so that helped.

Still have to order the zipper from www.ZipperSource.com and get it installed. That’ll be a whole ‘nother adventure.

I still may enter it in the NW Washington Fair (minus zipper).

I love the fair. So much fun. So many great fiber-bearing critters.

And it would be cool to have something in the wool show.

(It’s not like I’d be wearing it anytime soon, anyway.)


  1. Beverly Haase

    That sweater is gorgeous!!! I can’t get over it. can you send me some close ups? I would like to see the details.


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