Sheep-free Zone

I’m in Anaheim right at the moment. And it’s a good thing I brought some wool with me, because so far as yarn shops go, this place is a total bust.

Lots of talking mice (the Disney type) and such, but no wool, and definitely no sheep. (There’s not even a zoo in the area. I checked.)

What a bummer.

Good thing I get to go to the Puyallup Spring Fair when I get home! The Shepherd’s Extravaganza awaits!


  1. Michelle

    Ah, so sad to be in a sheep free zone! I myself have eight little wooly Shetlands outside, and am waiting for two more ewes to lamb. I was at Shepherds Extravaganza last year exhibiting my fleeces, and met Donna and Franna there.

    BTW, thanks for the link to Pioneer Woman. I visited for the first time, and liked it a lot. (Great. Another blog I will want to keep up with in all my “free” time. You’re welcome to visit mine and waste some of your time….)

  2. sheepsclothing

    Thanks for visiting- I do actually check your blog pretty regularly, and just hadn’t added it to the sidebar yet. Your Little Bluster really is a cutie. I do so wish I had lambs of my own, but for now I just have to live vicariously through other peoples farm blogs- so thanks for the pics!


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