Almost Fully Vested

We’ve been havin’ some crazy weather here.

3 inches of rain in the last week.

Snow for three days straight.

Today the snow stopped, meltoff began, then we lost power for about 6 hours.

This is the end of March in the lovely and hospitable Pacific Northwest (?)

But hey, you don’t need electricity to knit (or spin for that matter), so a little powered-down time can sometimes be a good thing!

The vest is coming along
sweater vest almost done 3-08 sharpened

The only thing I have left to do is to continue the cable from the front around the back of the neckline. I’ll graft the two sides together at the center back.
vest shoulder close 3-08

I’ve shaped the back neckline a little wider than the front, and connected front and back using the three needle bind-off, except for the last 7 stiches on each side that will carry the cable around the edge.
vest neckline before finishing 3-08 edited

And I am much relieved to know that it actually fits! I always get nervous knitting things from the bottom up, because it’s so hard to get a sense of the fit until you’re almost done. Gotta trust the measurements. But this seems to have turned out alright. Better than alright, even.

Pretty good.

Pretty,, pretty ,,, pretty good. (anyone who gets the reference wins a prize)

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