Best Laid Plans

This week has been tough. Syd has been sick as, well,, a dog (go figure) and it’s only now that I really feel like he’s out of the woods. Poor little bugger. But he’s back to eating and licking himself and itching like the little allergy-dog I know and love, so I think we’re good.

Anyway, I had entered some spinning/knitting items in our staff Arts and Crafts fair at work, but then never had a chance to photograph the stuff while it was on display, so here is one of the thingees at home after the fact-
yarn basket2

It’s a basket stuffed with a dozen of my favorite handspuns- showing off different natural wool colors. I think it’s kind of neat to be able to look at a skein and know what sheep it came from. I’m pretty sure that these are all single-sheep skeins. (kind of like single-malt scotch?)

Anyway, while the natural colored fibers were at the fair, I brought out the uptown fancy-schmancy merino/silk for a quick knit. Here is the seafoam scarf-
seafoam scarf on cello
seafoam scarf close

It is amazingly soft and squishy (garter stitch), with just enough openness to give it some visual interest. I highly recommend it. It would be especially nice knit lengthwise in a yarn with gradual color shifts that would really draw attention to the undulating stitch pattern.

And speaking of gradual color changes, I’ve also been using the Viking Combs to blend some dyed fleece I have in the stash- and here is the result-
combed blue-green single

I do so love those blues and greens- and the nice smooth transitions in the color.

(This is what it looked like before steaming)
blue green single before steaming-rev1

Eeks! Is that wool, or Syd barf?

Ok. Enough for now.

Denise out.

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