Lichen It

It’s about this time every year that we think “Surely this icky weather must come to an end soon”. But it persists, and we are left to browse the seed catalog as we sit by the woodstove and plan for what we might do once the cold and rain abate.

This year, (much to my delight), it seems that we are going to tackle the pasture fencing issue! The man, armed with his knowledge and contact info from the fencing seminar in Stanwood a few weekends back, is making plans, and hopefully once the weather improves we will be re-fencing (as opposed to the un-fencing we’ve been engaged in for the last couple of years!).

This, of course, is very exciting because it puts me lightyears closer to bing able to have some sheep out here eating our grass and growing beautiful fleeces.

Right now, our fences look like this:

lichen encrusted fence

And that is one of the sturdier posts. In certain light, they look pretty cool, all green and furry. But of course, what is picturesque is not always functional. Here is a close up of the lichen:

lichens close

Quite an interesting assortment of colors and textures, eh?

I’ve heard of people dying with lichens, so perhaps there is a wool tie-in here, but I’m not sure I’m ready to go exploring that avenue quite yet.

I think at least the lichens are enjoying the our dreary winter days.

They’re likin’ it. Get it? heh heh heh

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